Finally some fun...

Tomorrow I take off early in the morning. First stop, pay the deposit on my new carpet (for my old home, go figure.) then off to drop off my dog at the kennel (poor thing--wish we could communicate to explain I'll be back) then I'm off to San Antonio. I get to spend a day and a half with my brother and family. Then, I spend the rest of the weekend at the fort with the greatest of people. Here are some photos from the last time...

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I was once a packrat!

I am currently burried in stuff as I pull things out and try to make money on them in a timely fashion. Seriously, I have WAY TOO MUCH stuff, currently. I don't need or want most of it which makes it easy to get rid of. I will probably keep a little too much in the end, but I am looking forward to mainly having items I truly like around me. Thankfully, Craigslist has been helping me sell some items. So far I've sold an exercise machine for $50. And now have interested buyers in some Rosetta Stone Russian language software (THAT's something I don't need!!!) and a Guiro percussion instrument (nope! Don't need that either!)

Unfortunately, this whole process of getting rid of STUFF has been an enormous time-guzzler. I can't do much on the house painting-wise and maintenance-wise until everything gets into the garage or even more out the door! I'm having a yard sale in a few weeks too. Just trying to sell some of the pricier items through Craigslist first as well as finish cleaning out every place in the house that I can.

Well, that's that. Fair warning to any clutter-hoarding friends out there. Start clearing out your stuff now if you plan on moving in the next couple years!


Dog Quote

"We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made."


Fort McKavett!

Texas Paranormal Research 101 weekend was amazing! The fort is beautiful, and very active with paranormal activity. I loved seeing my recently made friends and meeting a few more too! The weekend in photos:

The Bakery

The Dead House. Paranormal stuff REALLY happens here.

Amber, Tony, and Woody

The Bakery
Tony and the Trouble Twins


The fun begins after dark.
Can't beat pretty.
Love this one.
Guess his name ;)
Heading back to the barracks where we slept.

Mickey and Jimmy.


Urban Anthology--Challenge 3--Go Green!

I am anxiously awaiting the next challenge at Urban Anthology. Do you scrapbook the green way? This challenge was all about reusing, recycling, and reducing! My layout has a LOT of reused elements. Can you say "tear apart the old Anniversary album after getting a divorce"? haha Its great therapy. For my wedding gift to my ex-husband I made us an anniversary book. One layout for each of the next 25 years. I pulled off all the embellishments and many are reused on this page.

I also used up some paints I would have thrown out anyway...before my very likely move to DALLAS!! More on that later. :)


Funny for Monday

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On a more serious note, I love to listen to Hay House Radio. Lately, I've been in a 'funk", but I listen to hay house o get out of the funk...I'm working on focussing on the "other ways" I can think about the negative things in my life (the more positive ways.) Directing thoughts can make a difference. How about you? Is there anything you can think about differently? Have a happy Monday!

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